Striking a balance between work and life is essential to our health, well being and happiness. Although we’re passionate about what we do, we recognize that there’s more to life than work. We believe being more productive at the office requires getting away from the office at a reasonable time each day. With flexible work schedules and opportunities to telecommute, we help our people get more out of life and find more time for family and friends. From kayaking to kickboxing, we encourage active, healthy lifestyles. We offer a fitness center at our corporate headquarters in California and reimburse employees for their fitness club memberships and equipment purchases. We also believe in giving back to the communities where we operate and encourage our employees to get involved in volunteer activities. And our generous holiday schedules and vacation benefits give our people the opportunity to recharge and return ready to change the world.

Phoenix’s culture promotes a strong entrepreneurial spirit where teamwork, respect and fun are key elements to success. Our fast-paced environment encourages friendly competitions and allows for employees to develop strong relationships with co-workers.

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