Core Systems Software (BIOS)

For more than twenty years the Phoenix BIOS (Basic Input Output System) has defined the built-in system functions that came with the most advanced new PC electronics. Today, Phoenix has redefined the BIOS as Core Systems Software (CSS) offering an extensible, customizable platform supporting secure networking, graphics, multiple languages and an open architecture for operating system independent add-on enhancements.

Today more than ever before x86 system designers and manufacturers confront time to market and cost pressures. The Phoenix CSS products meet and exceed expectations, simultaneously delivering rapid time to market, broad support for hardware and standards and an extensible architecture that is designed for OEM differentiation and value-add.

Phoenix innovation does not stop at CSS. Engineers design systems, and Phoenix developer tools meet the challenge of modern programming environments and the widest possible developer talent base. Coupled with Phoenix worldwide support services, Phoenix solutions deliver confident time to market, security, functionality and reliability in both cutting edge and mainstream designs.

Why Phoenix?

For more than 25 years Phoenix has offered system designers and manufacturers an innovative standards-based software platform that today defines more than three new devices every second. Phoenix has a global network supporting state-of-the-art device development products that reduce time-to-market and enable designers to bring innovative differentiated systems with built-in security, manageability and reliability features.

Solutions For

Board Designers — Phoenix® SecureCore™ is designed for rapid board design and deployment incorporating enhanced security, manageability and built-in device identity. more

System Designers — The Phoenix® Always™ embedded development system delivers a powerful environment for creating high-confidence, instant-on, network-ready embedded applications. Phoenix and third parties offer ready-made applications.


Core Systems Software