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SecureCore™ for Servers

UEFI firmware solution for both low and high-end server systems


EDKII Firmware For Your Server / Embedded Server Product

Aligned with Intel’s Server Team

  • Based on Intel silicon validation firmware
  • Adds production-ready features, such as flash update and legacy boot
  • Fast-to-market releases for chipset updates and errata

Supports Phoenix Production Firmware Features

  • Same familiar look and feel as Phoenix SecureCore
  • Develop and debug with Phoenix CoreArchitect™ (PCA)
  • Manage keys with UEFI Capsule Workshop
  • Supports custom flash tools developed with Phoenix’s Tool Development Kit (TDK)
  • Boot legacy OS with Phoenix Compatibility Support Module (CSM)
  • Integrated DEF language support allows for greater configuration
“We trust that Phoenix will provide good firmware solutions and service to meet any OEM requirement.”
Morgan Chuang
Vice President of Research & Development Taiwan Commate Computer

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