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Senior Leadership

Our senior leadership consists of experienced executives who provide strategic guidance, oversee operations, and drive innovation within the organization.

Gerard Moore Headshot

Gerard Moore

President and Chief Executive Officer

Gerard led the acquisition of Phoenix in 2021. He has over 20 years of experience leading fast-growing international technology businesses. Prior to Phoenix, he was founder and CEO of a number of technology companies including Spectel which was later sold to Avaya, and Shenick Network Systems which was sold to Aeroflex. He holds an electronic engineering degree and an MBA from University College Dublin and a master’s degree in engineering from Trinity College Dublin.

Jonathan O'Connell head shot

Jonathan O'Connell

Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan has over 25 years’ experience as a CFO in growing international technology and biotech companies including fundraisings, IPOs and trade sales. Prior to Phoenix, he was CFO of a number technology companies including Spectel, which was sold to Avaya, Escher Group, a London listed technology company and Trinity Biotech, a Nasdaq listed company. He is a Chartered accountant and a graduate of business from Trinity College Dublin.

Terry Chen Headshot

Terry Chen

Chief Technology Officer

Terry is responsible for future product innovation and silicon vendor relationships. He joined Phoenix in 1991 as a senior engineer, having begun his BIOS engineering career working for a Taiwanese PC ODM. He has an MSEE degree from Penn State University. 

Michelle Lu

Senior Vice President Core Sales
(Client and Server)

Michelle is responsible for Global Sales & Field Operations at Phoenix. She joined Phoenix in April 2007. Before her current role, Michelle oversaw numerous operations at 2Wire/DSL Gateway and HP/Compaq/DEC. She holds two degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an MBA from Fitchburg State University. 

Jim Mortensen Headshot

Jim Mortensen

Senior Vice President of Engineering

Jim is responsible for Phoenix’ Global R&D team and is Head of Engineering. He joined Phoenix in April 2004. Jim also leads the Phoenix Security Team and has over 15 years of boot firmware experience with both UEFI and legacy BIOS. He holds a degree in Computing and Software Systems with magna cum laude honors from University of Washington. 

Charles Chan

Vice President Operations

Charles is responsible for our Global Customer Engineering & Program Management teams. He joined Phoenix in November 2009. Prior to Phoenix, Charles worked at Intrinsyc, Microsoft and Fujitsu in various engineering and program management positions. He has a master’s degree in computer engineering from University of Wisconsin, Madison and a degree in electrical engineering with cum laude honors from Washington State University. 

Richard Wilkins

Principal Technology Liaison

Richard is responsible for Phoenix’s relationship with international standards groups. He joined Phoenix in 2010. He is a UEFI board member and participates in numerous security-related working groups. Richard has over 30 years of security, firmware and OS experience with organizations including HP, Microsoft, Amazon and Digital Equipment Corp. He holds a MS in Computer Science from the National Technological University and a PhD from Nova Southeastern University.