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Engineering Services

Phoenix offers customizable, industry leading firmware development services for anywhere in the product lifecycle.

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Onsite IHV Collaboration

Our onsite teams work directly with IHVs every day to ensure the highest quality and fastest time-to-market firmware for their reference designs.

OEM Identity Libraries (OIL)

Develop once and reuse often. OIL architecture allows customers to reuse their features between different generations and IHV chipsets with minimal impact.

Localized Support

From the United States to Europe, in Taiwan, Japan and Korea, you can get the local support you need.

Security Services for OEM/ODM Product Manufacturers

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance updates
  • Additional security patch updates
  • Change Log – source code changes
  • Security Report – mitigated threats

Premium Security Services for OEM/ODM Product Manufacturers

  • Security patch details
  • Security tracking reports
  • Regular reports of publicly disclosed UEFI security concerns
  • Early notification and analysis of new and emerging security threats
“We are grateful to Phoenix’s dedicated engineering team for their support to ensure our rugged tablet and industrial vehicle designs got to market on time.”
Jan Wang
Chief Technical Officer Ubiqconn Technology Inc.