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Strategy and Business Model​

Phoenix’s strategy is to maintain and grow its leading position in computing devices, exploiting opportunities across a number of enterprise and government markets, where its unique firmware expertise and leading market position give the company a strategic advantage.  

Only a very few companies have the required extensive expertise and track record in firmware to be able to support the vast range of chip and device requirements, and multiple operating systems. 

Phoenix has an extensive engineer training programme with a particular focus on ‘old and legacy’ computer languages which has established its unique position in legacy software management.

The business has unparalleled supplier partnerships with several chip and device manufacturers. This includes embedded relationships with chip manufacturers (Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, Arm) as well as OEMs/ODMs and a blue chip customer base including Lenovo, VAIO, LG, Wistron and Bai. Its partners and customers value Phoenix’ firmware heritage, capabilities and track record. 

Phoenix firmware is critical for building an effective three-way relationship with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and original design manufacturer (ODM) who design, develop and manufacture devices, and the chip manufacturers, who supply the chips for those devices. 

Phoenix’s engineers are embedded within the development teams of both the chip manufacturers and OEMs/ODMs. This close complementary relationship enables Phoenix to provide each customer and each new device with the right solution for the multitude of devices and chips on the market. 

Phoenix is also developing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cybersecurity products for enterprise customers to enable them to manage and secure their inventory of computing devices. 

Phoenix is focussed on three complementary business lines: core firmware for computers and embedded Intel/AMD devices, enterprise firmware focussed on cybersecurity, and server firmware. 

The Group has a notably large IP portfolio, security credentials for UEFI specifications, international distribution channels and the most experienced engineers in the industry, alongside a senior management team with a proven track record. 


Phoenix Technologies is backed by a range of international institutional and private investors based in Ireland, UK and USA as well as the senior management team. These investors supported the acquisition of the business in 2021 which was led by the CEO and CFO.