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Phoenix PassKey™ (SecureKey)™

Phoenix PassKey™ / SecureKey™ combines BIOS-enforced protection with a physical authentication device (pass key) to provide resilient firmware anti-intrusion security for Windows-based PCs.

Computers are protected against unauthorized access as PassKey/SecureKey allows operating system start only when an authentication device has been detected and validated.

  • Multi Factor Authentication in BIOS – PassKey/SecureKey is required for the PC to boot to the Operating System at Start or Hibernate
  • FIDO/Bluetooth/USB PassKey(s) – Industry standard devices, like smartphones, FIDO compliant devices, BLE and USB sticks are commonly available and in use everyday by consumers, prosumers and Enterprises
  • No Passwords – Brings Password-less protection down to the BIOS level for single or multi-factor Authentication using multiple PassKeys/SecureKeys
  • Advantages – Enhanced security, PC and Data Protection using everyday devices | Enterprises can introduce specialized PassKey/SecureKey devices
  • Stolen or lost PassKey/SecureKey – Enter a Passcode to boot the system
  • Battery Savings – PC will shutdown if the pass key is not present after configurable time-out

Phoenix PassKey/SecureKey – Authentication Methods

  • Bluetooth PassKey/SecureKey (2-factor Authentication using Smartphone or BLE device)
    • Bluetooth RSSI controls allow users to manage distance by configuring proximity limits
  • FIDO2 PassKey/SecureKey using industry standard FIDO2 devices that verify user presence and identity (Fingerprint sensor) in accordance with FIDO specifications
  • USB PassKey/SecureKey (Authentication by using standard USB Flash)
  • Passcode
    • Enter an Alphanumeric string to boot system
      for lost or stolen pass key(s)
    • Support for either unique or common Passcode setting when multiple pass keys are used

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