Phoenix Training Courses are designed to enable you to get products to your customers more efficiently. You learn the skills and knowledge needed to become an expert in designing and customizing Phoenix Products. You can learn one-on-one with an engineer, tailored to your own pace and agenda. Or, you can attend our product-specific classes offered at your local Phoenix office.

Our training program offers a wide array of courses, based on your needs. If you are a New Hire, you can start with BIOS 101 and UEFI 101. If you know BIOS basics, then you can move directly to the courses that specifically focus on making you proficient at using the Phoenix products.

Our lab-based classes give you the opportunity to practice and learn with our products. You are able to take what they learn in our classes and apply it directly back on the job.

If you want to host a class at your location, please send an email to to find out more information.

  Training Classes  

Phoenix SCT Basic

This class will teach BIOS engineers how to port a standard CRB code release to their platform. Debugging techniques and evolution to increasing difficult boot environments are stressed. The scope of changes that can be made in this class is limited to the SecureCore Tiano architecture as designed by Phoenix. Further customizations are covered in the SecureCore Tiano Advanced Class.

Phoenix SCT Advanced

This class instructs the students on how to implement complete customization of the firmware. This includes the techniques needed to create new PEIMs and DXE drivers that can access all the resources provided in the firmware such as SMM clients, custom setup screens, unique boot modes, NVRAM access and custom SHELL applications.

BIOS 101

This class is for people who are new to the world of BIOS and need to know basic BIOS information. The information provided and knowledge gained makes this a prerequisite for all of our classes.

UEFI 101

This class introduces the basic concepts defined by the UEFI specification and the Tiano implementation of that specification. A customer must have this knowledge before taking any other Phoenix SCT classes..