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Phoenix has well over 40 years of experience developing structured, secure, and supported BIOS firmware. Over the years, we have built a reputation for our quality and our security focus. Because we have worked with some of the largest OEMs and Independent Hardware Vendors our security credentials are particularly strong.


Firmware is complicated-–there are many factors to be considered in terms of functionality, features, security, flexibility and the responsiveness of a firmware partner. The benefit of having a partner is you get what you want, when you want it, and you get the flexibility that is vital for success.

Phoenix Offerings

Phoenix takes a multi-pronged approach to providing structured, secure and supported firmware for the Arm ecosystem. Our approach begins with industry leading firmware, but also includes our security-as-a-service offering, FirmCare. So, our customers not only get the best firmware possible for Arm-based systems, but also can rest assured that our security team has got their back when the inevitable attempts to hack their system comes to pass or vulnerabilities are discovered.

Below are brief descriptions of two firmware product offerings (PhoenixLayer and PhoenixBoot) followed by our service offering, FirmCare.

1. PhoenixLayer

PhoenixLayer is a firmware product that targets systems using a bootloader (e.g., U-Boot or coreboot). It provides an interface to the target system’s OS/applications that is consistent and offers interfaces to a range of Arm-based SOCs. Much of the support is common across different SOCs, but Phoenix can also develop to meet your specific SOC requirements. This provides you with the flexibility to focus on your OS/applications and not the challenges of using different SOCs or new versions of an SOC. PhoenixLayer also maintains the Root of Trust (RoT) throughout the boot process for system security. Phoenix can also work with you to make the final product Arm SystemReady compliant.

FirmCare for Arm at the standard level is bundled with PhoenixLayer

2. PhoenixBoot

PhoenixBoot provides a UEFI compliant package for most Arm SOCs (Phoenix can also develop to meet your specific SOC requirements) as well as integration with the SOC vendor’s native UEFI (EDKII) code base. Phoenix can also work with you to make the final product Arm SystemReady compliant.

FirmCare for Arm at the standard level is bundled with PhoenixBoot.

3. FirmCare for Arm

FirmCare for Arm is a comprehensive security-as-a-service package that is applicable for all Arm-based systems-–customers can choose the level of support from standard which includes basic alerts and advice on emerging security vulnerabilities up to premium with 24-hour support including patching vulnerabilities as well as sophisticated and regular penetration (pen) testing. In addition, Phoenix provides non-recurring engineering (NRE) services when required to meet specific needs.

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