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Avoid Software Piracy

Software is one of the most valuable technologies of the Information Age, running everything from PCs to the Internet. Unfortunately, because software is so valuable, and because computers make it easy to create an exact copy of a program in seconds, software piracy is widespread. From individual computer users to professionals who deal wholesale in stolen software, piracy exists in homes, schools, businesses and government. Software pirates not only steal from the companies that make the software, but with less money for research and development of new software, all users are hurt. That’s why all software piracy even one copy you make for a friend is illegal.

As the number of PCs and Internet use grow, the incidence of software piracy is growing, too. The Business Software Alliance believes new technologies should enhance ways to access and distribute copyrighted works legally, not illegally.

Reporting Software Piracy

Concerned about the use of illegal software? If you suspect that a coworker, colleague or even an ex-employer is using or selling unlicensed software use the hotline number to call the Business Software Alliance in your area or report online. Reporting takes only a moment, and your information will be kept strictly confidential you can even file a report anonymously.

* Report software piracy online

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