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Phoenix SecureWipe

Securely erase SSD, HDD and other mass storage devices.

SecureWipe™ is a BIOS firmware product that securely erases all data and partitions independent of the operating system and can be invoked locally via hotkey, or via remote control using OEM developed management solutions.
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  • Erases all data and partitions, no operating system required
  • Invoke via hotkey, setup engine, or develop your own solution
  • Supports a range of military and internationally recognized standards
  • Protects sensitive data when recycling or disposing of a computing device
  • No extra boot devices required to run specialized software

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  • Works on any x86 PC that uses Phoenix UEFI firmware
  • Resides in the firmware and cannot be accidentally removed by users
  • The erase utility can be invoked by a simple key press or a few mouse clicks
  • Enterprise requirements can be easily met using custom remote management solutions

Phoenix PassKey (SecureKey)

Phoenix PassKey™ / SecureKey™ combines BIOS-enforced protection with a physical authentication device (pass key) to provide resilient firmware anti-intrusion security for Windows-based PCs.

Computers are protected against unauthorized access as PassKey/SecureKey allows operating system start only when an authentication device has been detected and validated.

  • Multi Factor Authentication in BIOS – PassKey/SecureKey is required for the PC to boot to the Operating System at Start or Hibernate
  • FIDO/Bluetooth/USB PassKey(s) – Industry standard devices, like smartphones, FIDO compliant devices, BLE and USB sticks are commonly available and in use everyday by consumers, prosumers and Enterprises
  • No Passwords – Brings Password-less protection down to the BIOS level for single or multi-factor Authentication using multiple PassKeys/SecureKeys
  • Advantages – Enhanced security, PC and Data Protection using everyday devices | Enterprises can introduce specialized PassKey/SecureKey devices
  • Stolen or lost PassKey/SecureKey – Enter a Passcode to boot the system
  • Battery Savings – PC will shutdown if the pass key is not present after configurable time-out

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Phoenix PassKey/SecureKey – Authentication Methods

  • Bluetooth PassKey/SecureKey (2-factor Authentication using Smartphone or BLE device)
    • Bluetooth RSSI controls allow users to manage distance by configuring proximity limits
  • FIDO2 PassKey/SecureKey using industry standard FIDO2 devices that verify user presence and identity (Fingerprint sensor) in accordance with FIDO specifications
  • USB PassKey/SecureKey (Authentication by using standard USB Flash)
  • Passcode
    • Enter an Alphanumeric string to boot system
      for lost or stolen pass key(s)
    • Support for either unique or common Passcode setting when multiple pass keys are used

UEFI/BIOS Utilities Package

  • Phoenix CoreArchitect™: The one tool you need for your entire firmware development cycle
    • Extends Visual Studio’s IDE to integrate your firmware development build tools, editor, and debugger
    • Supports multiple Visual Studio versions,
      project types, and debug interfaces
  • Flash Tools
  • GUI Flash Tools
  • UCWW Signing Tools
  • BIOS Editor

Sold Separately:

  • TDK Premium – Modify or build custom firmware tools
    for multiple OS targets

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