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Phoenix OmniCoreTM Delivers Ultimate UEFI Experience for Snapdragon X Series Platforms 

CAMPBELL, California, May 28, 2024 – Phoenix Technologies, a leading independent firmware supplier for PCs and computing devices, launches Phoenix OmniCore based on the latest Snapdragon® X Elite and Snapdragon® X Plus platforms from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

OmniCore is a highly efficient, UEFI compliant firmware implementation for Snapdragon® X Series processors. It provides a highly modular, structured, secure, and supported codebase that can be used by “Windows on Snapdragon” customers to build their own firmware for today’s AI-powered computers.

OmniCore supports the latest UEFI specifications and provides enhanced system security (e.g., system password, SecureWipe), connectivity, and manageability during the pre-boot phase. Phoenix Desktop Manager in OmniCore makes it easy to build a custom GUI. OmniCore also includes extensive, customizable, value-add features (e.g., DASH, SecureWipe, and more) that shorten time-to-market without sacrificing functionality. It fully supports Microsoft Windows 11 and the next generation versions of the Windows operating system.

Snapdragon X Series platforms combine new Qualcomm Oryon™ CPU cores with a premium integrated GPU, and a record-breaking NPU enabling 45 trillions of operations per second (TOPS), bringing your ideas to life with support for lightning-fast AI capabilities on-device. All of this performance runs with remarkable power efficiency, allowing multi-day battery life.

Gerard Moore, President and CEO of Phoenix Technologies, said:

“Phoenix is excited to be part of the Snapdragon X Series Ecosystem. The work between Phoenix and Qualcomm Technologies will bring a stable and secure firmware experience to the next generation of PCs and empower the innovation of on-device AI.”

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Phoenix Technologies
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