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Phoenix Technologies Announces Participation in Arm SystemReady Program

Released August 2, 2021 at 10am EST – Campbell, CA

Phoenix Technologies, the world’s first independent secure firmware vendor, is proud to announce its participation in the Arm SystemReady program. While Phoenix has formally joined the SystemReady program only recently, it has been working with Arm-based architectures for a number of years. Phoenix has customized many of its value-added features to support various Arm-based devices. For example, Phoenix designed firmware enables features such as securely erasing media from the pre-boot environment and various firmware integrity and security measures.

Phoenix will primarily focus on the SystemReady SR and ES bands to address both traditional server and embedded server devices. In addition to client devices such as notebooks, Phoenix will initially provide secure firmware for Arm-based servers and autonomous vehicles. “We are excited to be an integral part of the Arm SystemReady eco-system and have already focused significant R&D effort to provide our secure firmware on a variety of Arm-based platforms,” said Jim Mortensen, Phoenix VP of Engineering.

“We welcome Phoenix Technologies to the Arm SystemReady program and expect that their 40+ years of firmware and firmware security experience will not only benefit our end customers, but also increase the ecosystem’s overall knowledge in this area,” said Dong Wei, Standards Architect and Fellow at Arm.

Arm SystemReady Program

The Arm SystemReady program is a foundational compliance certification program to ensure software “just works” across a vibrant, diverse ecosystem of hardware. It builds on the former ServerReady program, setting the standards for a broader set of devices for the server, infrastructure edge and IoT edge sectors.

About Phoenix Technologies

Phoenix Technologies has been pioneering firmware innovation since 1979 with over a billion units installed worldwide. Phoenix designs, develops, and secures firmware for a wide range of computing devices and platforms. Phoenix is headquartered in Silicon Valley (Campbell, CA) with a global presence and primary engineering teams based in the US and Taiwan.

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