Mobility Solutions

Phoenix’s mission is to enable the PC ecosystem to deliver solutions that meet the needs of its mobile customers by providing the best possible user experience, at the lowest cost. In the converging space between laptops and smart phones, Phoenix is following the mobile phone usage model rather than the typical PC platform usage model. This changes the paradigm of a mobile PC to a device that starts instantly, is always connected, available for all day computing, fun, and simple to use.

Phoenix products are changing the way mobility is defined. Examples of some of Phoenix's BIOS implementations include:

  Notebooks   Netbooks   MIDs

Notebooks represent a mature yet evolving market of business and consumer desktop computer users who want to carry their PC with them. Characterized by length of battery life, performance, and screen size, notebook PCs are a major market segment.

It’s not surprising that notebook ODMs have battery life, performance, and video performance problems to solve. Even more important is the need to tie together all of the special buttons and lid switch inputs available on laptops into the system with an embedded controller that becomes exposed to the OS through ACPI, the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface.

Most leading ODMs have selected Phoenix for its ability to address all these problems, and push past them to work on usability of the device, including supplying the industry’s fastest boot time.