At the Forefront of PC Innovation

Since the dawn of the personal computer age, Phoenix has been at the forefront of innovation - literally bringing the core elements of PCs together and making them work together. Thirty years ago, Phoenix’s core systems software helped launch the PC industry with its original BIOS (basic input-output system) product. Even today, a majority of Phoenix’s revenue comes from designing, developing, and supporting core system software such as SecureCore Tiano™ , SecureCore™ , and Embedded BIOS® for computing devices.

It’s estimated that Phoenix products are incorporated into over 125 million computing devices every year, making us the worldwide market share leader in the Core System Software sector. These firmware products support and enable the compatibility, connectivity, security, and manageability of the various components and technologies used in computing devices. We license these products primarily to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and ODMs (original design manufacturers) to make their products attractive to demanding customers – businesses, governments, service providers, and consumers.

Phoenix has been at the forefront of the personal computer evolution for over 30 years. During this time Phoenix has amassed over 200 patents, which are used extensively in its Core Systems Software (CSS). Many of these patents have been used to revolutionize the personal computer industry with more reliable, secure and high-performance solutions. It is by leveraging our CSS and domain expertise that our customers and partners are able to deliver the best devices in the world.

Phoenix is headquartered in Silicon Valley (Campbell, California) with offices worldwide.

Our Mission Statement

Do a great job for our customers, employees and shareholders by delivering world class, innovative core system software and services for computing, communication and embedded devices.

Phoenix at a Glance

Year founded: 1979

Number of employees: ~300