SecureCore Technology

Phoenix SecureCore Technology 2.x or SecureCore Technology Enhanced is our flagship UEFI product. SecureCore Technology 2.x is fully compliant with UEFI 2.0 and rigidly adheres to requirements set by Intel MPG (EDK1117 with patches and successors).

SecureCore Technology 2.x has been designed to address the following requirements:

  • UEFI Solution: SecureCore Tiano 2.x is the Phoenix solution which addresses the UEFI needs of the market.
  • Architecture: is the key differentiation. Current UEFI implementations deliver a source code that is in monolithic architecture. This means significant development times for OEMs and ODMs. SecureCore Tiano 2.x architecture will deliver an innovative, object-oriented architecture minimizing the development time, thereby reducing the costs and time-to-market.
  • Boot Speed: UEFI and current Legacy BIOS are serial during POST, meaning as devices are initialized, the boot time is severely impacted by the slowest device in the system. For example, a system has to wait for hard-disk spindle to spin up before proceeding to the next device. Parallelization or similar advanced technologies can significantly decrease boot speeds and can deliver on the ’Instant-Boot’ promise. SecureCore Technology 2.x comes with these advanced options.
  • Security and Reliability: OEMs are looking towards BIOS level security features instead of relying on the Operating System to provide for all their requirements. Emerging technologies like Full Disk Encryption, are addressing this issue successfully.
  • Innovation Platform: Currently OEMs are struggling to differentiate among themselves. SecureCore Technology is a platform for innovation, in terms of Instant-On, Security etc., which can provide differentiation for the OEMs.

  Attributes   Customer Benefits  

The design philosophy behind SecureCore Technology 2.x is simple – to create an unequivocal firmware platform that accelerates an OEM’s UEFI transition to market. SecureCore Technology is development based on six leading elements. These elements will create a strategic inflection point and forever change the rules for the BIOS industry. They address the holistic concerns that OEMs face in choosing their future UEFI BIOS vendor.

SecureCore Technology supports key industry standards and supports a broad range of third- party peripherals and chipsets, allowing developers to customize their platforms for specialized designs and target markets.

Best Power-on Experience
SecureCore Technology’s robust architecture and advanced debug tools provide engineers with the best power-on experience. Phoenix’s comprehensive toolkit allows for rapid firmware modification, build, and deployment during the most time-critical period in a project. Typically, SecureCore Technology reduces an OEM’s power-on duration to less than 48 hours.
Best Customization Experience
Transitioning to a UEFI-based firmware platform presents a unique challenge to OEMs as they need to: Rapidly add their customizations, manage the increased complexity at the hardware level and integrate the additional features from the firmware. SecureCore Technology and its advanced development tools provide the complex management systems that allow OEMs to have the flexibility they demand - without witnessing a performance degradation of the platform.
Enables the world’s fastest UEFI BIOS
At the start of 2009, our benchmarking identified the typical industry UEFI POST time was approximately 5 seconds, as defined by the Microsoft® Velocity program. The customization capabilities of SecoreCore Technology allow customers to rapidly tune their BIOS to meet their POST time requirements.
Platform for Innovation
The SecureCore Technology 2.x firmware platform, combined with an easy -to -use SDK and Phoenix’s advanced development tools, provides the best ecosystem for innovating at the firmware layer.
Highest Reliability
SecureCore Technology offers OEMs the most reliable firmware in the world. We re-defined reliability to mean no unexpected or unwanted behavior, no unexpected crashes, and no slow booting. With quality assurance at 4Xs times the industry average, SecureCore Technology offers the only industrial- strength quality UEFI.
Green H Compatibility and Compatible with Future UEFI Revisions
SecureCore Technology uses the pristine version of Intel’s® Green H (EDK1117), including future variations of the UEFI- based framework. In addition it follows the industry's UEFI standards, including PI standards.