Server Solutions

Phoenix has been developing BIOS for the server market since the 1980s. The key server market requirements of reliability, availability, performance, thermal management, security, and a green initiative align perfectly with Phoenix’s BIOS core offering.

The server market is largely composed of two types of servers—server appliances (e.g. Storage SAN, NAS), and general purpose computing platforms (e.g. Blades).

  Storage   Blades  

File servers (also known as Network Attached Storage, or NAS), offer file system-level storage down to the byte-granular level. Disk Servers (a.k.a. Storage Area Network, or SAN), offer disk block (sector-level) storage services, allowing appliances to be added to the network that together, represent one or several virtualized drives with optional replication and RAID protection.

For disk servers running minimal operating systems, Phoenix BIOS solutions can be used to create a perfect-fit, highly-optimized firmware platform that can load the custom operating system and application, optimizing the ROM footprint, boot time, and system complexity.