Phoenix Autonomous Vehicle Firmware

Autonomous vehicle engineers must take a proactive approach to the security of firmware from the beginning of the development process and support it with ongoing risk mitigation to ensure the safety and security of their products. As a result,…
FirmCare Solution Sheet

Phoenix FirmCare™ Solution Brief

Our security-as-a-service program monitors, rates, and reports firmware vulnerabilities. If a vulnerability is found, our team creates and delivers or helps source, custom patches to fix the problem. Download the Solution Brief
Firmware is Foundational

Firmware is Foundational: Security in the Age of Edge Computing

Because firmware is in every computing device, every device is exposed to firmware threats. This risk goes well beyond the realm of smartphones and laptops. Edge compute solutions, including connected cars and medical devices,…
Phoenix FirmCare

Phoenix FirmCare:
Firmware Security-as-a-Service

Maintaining firmware security is a major challenge for device and chip manufacturers. Ongoing maintenance must be kept up for years, but developing and testing firmware patches is labor-intensive. It requires a level of specific…